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300M Range Wireless Hunting & Security Alarm SY007Plus
Hunting Detector Alarm 360 Degree Forest Trap Wildlife Alarm Hunting Surveillance Detector Game Alarm

Bestguarder SY-007 Plus is the new generation products based on SY-007.
SY-007 Plus is a wireless alarm system contains one 433MHz wireless
receiver and two passive infra-red (PIR) motion detectors (up to five detectors can
be connected to a receiver), when the detector is triggered by a motion in 0-15M
open distance, a wireless signal within a maximum range of 300M is transmitted to
the receiver, a 15 seconds vibration, a 15 seconds LED light and a 15 seconds
sound can identify which detector has been triggered.  This alarm system is primarily used by hunter to inform them of the approach of any animals, it is also used in the field of residential and commercial surveillance.
1)Adjustable detecting distance up to 15M(in an open environment) for detector;
2)Wireless transmission range up to 300M(in an open environment);
3)Water resistant and shock resistant;
4)Three alarm modes: sound alarm, vibration alarm, LED light alarm

Wireless Hunting Alarm System

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