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Wings Over Texas: The Ultimate Sandhill Crane Hunting Adventure

Updated: Jul 3


Sandhill Crane Hunting is a growing sport in North America. These large, beautiful birds feature a bright red forehead, dark-colored beak, long neck, feathers in varying shades of gray with dark wingtips, and long-thin legs. They are hunted both for food and sport. A notable trait of this crane is its taste. A notable trait of this crane is its taste, earning it the nickname “ribeye in the sky” among Sandhill Crane hunters.


Fun Facts:

  • Average Weight:

  • Males: 10 lbs.

  • Females: 8.9 lbs. 

  • Average Height: 

  • 4 ft (TPWD)

  • Wingspan: 

  • 6.5 ft (TPWD)

  • Social Behavior:

    • Live and gather in large flocks (hundreds of birds)

    • Their calls include a loud bugle call heard up to 2.5 miles away, plus 20 other distinct sounds

  • Roosting Habits: Shallow lakes, wet areas, or sandy stream beds

  • Habitats: Various environments, including agricultural croplands, coastal plains, wet marshy meadows and grass succession, with wetlands or streams, South Texas brush country during the winter

  • Diet: Wheat, grains, peanuts, berries, invertebrates, small animals, insects


Hunting Sandhill Cranes in Texas:

  • The Challenge:

    • Cranes are weary birds with great eyesight.

    • Successful hunting requires crane calls, total concealment (brushed-in blinds), and dozens of crane decoys to attract them.

    • Cranes tend to fly low from their roosts to feed, so positioning yourself in their path can lead to reaching the daily bag limit

  • License Requirements:

    • To hunt Sandhill Cranes in Texas, you’ll need a--

      • Texas Hunting license

      • Migratory Game Bird Endorsement

      • Harvest Information Program (HIP) Certification

      • Free Federal Sandhill Crane Permit

  • Equipment:

    • Shotguns (10-guage or smaller, no more than three shells), lawful archery equipment, trained dogs (helpful), artificial decoys, and manual bird calls  


We’re already taking reservations from previous and new customers for—


Zone A - Dilly, Texas: October 26, 2024, thru January 26, 2025 

Zone C - Corpus Christi Texas: December 14, 2024, thru January 19, 2025

Got questions or ready to schedule your Sandhill Crane Hunt, contact us now:


Toll Free: 1-888-928-3039

Fax: 1-210-880-6148

To the Hunt!!!

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