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The Blackbuck Antelope: A Unique Exotic in Texas

The Blackbuck Antelope, introduced to Kerr County, Texas in 1932, is one of the most beautiful and distinctive game animals to hunt in the region. Let’s explore its fascinating characteristics:


Mature Blackbuck Males:

o    Weigh between 75 to 100 pounds.

o    Stand 20 to 35 inches at shoulder height.

o    Sport a rich dark brown coat with a white underbelly.

o    Possess highly sought-after V-shaped horns that grow 20 to 24 inches, spiraled and ridged.

o    Only territorial males reproduce to defend their territory.

Blackbuck Females:

o    Females lack horns and are reddish yellow in color.

o    Weigh 68–86 pounds and have shoulder heights only slightly shorter than males.

o    Reproduce once a year, giving birth to a single calf.

Interesting Facts:

o    Indigenous Range: Blackbucks are native to India and Pakistan.

o    Social Behavior: They live in sociable herds ranging from 5 to 50 individuals.

o    Speed and Agility: Their main defense against predators is their speed, reaching up to 50 mph. They also use evasive leaps to avoid danger (check out the video below).

o    Diurnal Lifestyle: Active during the day and rest at night.

o    Longevity: Blackbucks can live up to 18 years in the wild.

o    Hunting Challenge: Spot-and-stalk hunting with a bow is particularly challenging due to their speed, agility, and keen senses.

o    Culinary Delight: When cooked properly, Blackbuck meat is considered delicious.

o    Prized Trophy: The distinctive appearance of the Blackbuck makes it one of the most highly sought after trophy mounts. 

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