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Javelina: They Look and Act Like Pigs but... Nope!

Updated: Jul 3


Javelina, members of the #peccary family, are mostly found in the South Texas brush country, the Trans-Peco's desert grasslands, and the Edwards Plateau oak-juniper woodlands. They are not related to feral pigs or hogs.


  • Travel in small herds or family groups

  • Feed mostly on prickly pear cactus

  • Move during early morning and late afternoon during winter month. During the warmer months, they are primarily nocturnal... moving mostly at night.

  • Have poor eyesight but a sharp sense of smell

  • Will defend themselves with their sharp tusks, if cornered

  • Are classed as a game animal in TX. and may be hunted with a license during the hunting season

  • In the South, they can be hunted through August 31, 2024

  • Make excellent wall mounts...


The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) has much more information about #Javelina, visit their website at the link on our homepage.

Checkout our Javelina Hunt information on the Hunt Packages page and schedule your Javelina today!

To the Hunt!!!

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