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Hunting Leases Available: Whitetail Deer, Hogs, Javelina, Turkey, Dove, Exotics, Predators, Plus Extras!

Updated: Jun 11

The lease consists of 701 acres, south of Poteet, Texas. It includes 3/4 miles of Atascosa River frontage, a mixture of Oak Savanah, scrub brush, pear flat, and open pasture. This property is teeming with wildlife! There's lots of #whitetaildeer, #wildhogs, #javelina, #predators and #exotics.  We occasionally see #sika seer, #axis and #aoudad sheep. Each hunter will be allowed to fill their tags for Atascosa County (5 deer in total):

  • One trophy (Mature, 13" or greater spread)

  • One cull/spike (smooth horned on at least one side

  • Does (3-5, depending on bucks harvested)

  • We also allow 3 additional does/spikes for a guest or family member.

  • Two Javelinas per hunter

  • One #turkey, per hunter, in the spring

  • #Hogs, predator, exotics

  • #Nighthunting allowed for predators​

  • #Dove hunting, with up to 2 guests, allowed all season.

  • Also includes:

    • RV hookups

    • 6 blinds, in place

    • 5 feeders, in place

    • 2 pallets of corn

  • Hunting is September - August, legal season permitting, after contracts/lease renewal.​

Cost is $5K to $6K, depending on the number of hunters. Three spots have been claimed, so far. Lease fees not due until August 1, 2024. You can verbally commit today!

Contact us today: 1-888-928-3039 or

To the Hunt!!!

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