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Are You Preparing for White-Tailed Deer Season – It’s Time!

Updated: Jun 6

According to the Texas Parks & Wildlife (TPWD) website, the White-tailed Deer Archery Season starts Sep 28, 2024, and the General Season starts Nov 2, 2024. While it may seem like there’s ample time to prepare, success hinges on thoughtful planning across four critical categories: Goals, Equipment, Location, and Fitness (GELF). Let’s delve into each category to ensure you’re fully prepared for the upcoming season.

GOALS. Setting clear goals is essential for a successful hunting season.

  • Hunting Strategy: Use a ground blind, spot and stalk, get your scent off the ground by using a tripod, or a tree stand

  • Changing Patterns: If deer have figured out your routine, finding alternative entry and exit points can make a significant difference.

  • Timing: Targeting big bucks during the rut can lead to exciting encounters but there are opportunities to before the rut.

  • Documenting Hunts: Film your hunts to share with friends, family, and others in the hunting community.

LOCATION.  Choosing the right hunting location greatly impacts your success.

  • Public vs. Private Land: Five percent of Texas is public land, 95% is privately owned

  • High Fence vs. Low Fence: A high fence hunt may increase success rates, but property size matters

  • Clear Shooting Lanes: Trim tree and brush to ensure clear shots

  • Hunter Competition: If there are too many hunters in the area, consider another location. Fewer competitors can lead to better deer behavior.

  • Wind Patterns: Know the wind patterns and how it impacts your hunting position

  • Scouting: Trail cams and feeders help you study deer behavior. Look for signs like trails, rubs, scrapes, bedding areas, water / food sources

EQUIPMENT. Maintaining and upgrading your gear is crucial.

  • Maintenance: Clean rifles, replace bowstrings, broadheads, blind, tripod, tree stand & harness

  • Optics: Monocular (for bow/rifle) and a scope with sufficient magnification

  • Navigation: Download and familiarize with GPS / mapping apps

  • Lighting: A strong headlamp, flashlights, lantern(s), for processing game after dark   

  • Clothing: Suitable for changing weather conditions

  • Knives: Hunting knives & sharpener

  • Safety: Always carry a medical kit and wear hunter orange for visibility  

FITNESS. Physical preparation ensures you’re up for the challenge.  


  • Cardio: Spot-and-stalk hunting requires endurance.

  • Muscular Endurance: You may have to carry/drag your harvest to your vehicle or a clearing to field dress it and lift it on to the truck

  • Terrain Considerations: Train for flat, hilly, and mountainous landscapes

  • Archery Muscle Memory: Practice from standing, seated, and kneeling positions.

Start addressing your GELF—Goals, Equipment, Location, and Fitness— so that you’re well-prepared for the white-tailed deer season. Contact us and let us help you plan your WTD Season.  To the Hunt!!!

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