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Hunting Lease, 3 Spots Available in Poteet, Texas

 2024-2025 Whitail Deer Season


701 acres south of Poteet (25 minutes south of San Antonio). With 3/4 mile of Atascosa River frontage, a mixture of Oak Savanah, Scrub Brush, Pear flat and open pasture this property has an abundance of wildlife to hunt.


Lots of whitetail deer, feral hogs, javelina, predators and Exotics.  We occasionally see Sika Deer, Axis Deer and Aoudad Sheep.

Each hunter will be allowed to fill their tags for Atascosa County (5 deer in total):

  • One trophy (Mature, 13" or greater spread)

  • One cull/spike (smooth horned on at least one side

  • Does (3-5, depending on bucks harvested)

    • We also allow 3 additional does/spikes for a guest or family member.

  • Two Javelinas per hunter

  • One turkey, per hunter, in the spring

  • Hogs, predator, exotics

    • Night hunting allowed for predators​

  • Dove hunting, with up to 2 guests, allowed all season.

  • Also includes:

    • RV hookups

    • 6 blinds, in place

    • 5 feeders, in place

    • 2 pallets of corn

Hunting is September - August, legal season permitting, after contracts/lease renewal.

Cost is $30k for the entire lease. We're looking for 5 or 6 hunters.  Two spots have been claimed. You can verbally commit today! Lease fees due August 1, 2024. 

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